Capicotto, Joseph (Original Paintings)

Joseph Capicotto is a self-taught painter. As a child, his artistic abilities were evident at a young age. With pencil in hand he would search for any surface to draw upon. He could quickly sketch a picture with remarkable precision based solely on the photograph in his memory. He is well known for his wide variety of subjects and his proficiency in various painting techniques. Joe’s wealth of experience in light, colour, form and dimension is seen in the natural transition he brings to the canvas. His still life works resonate with carefree passion. His figurative paintings embrace the elegant features of the human figure with a romantic flowing style. Many of his pieces express a sense of reality and dream at the same time. They evoke feelings of mystery, passion and intrigue.

Joe is a professional artist, currently residing in Canada. His artistic productions have recently been flourishing throughout the country. They may be found in private and public collections, as well as, art galleries throughout North America. He has enjoyed much media exposure, receiving recognition for his art at charity events and many other public and private venues. He has been commissioned by many well-known establishments within his area of residency for murals and paintings.

Joe’s inspiration has come from the beauty in life, nature, people, living. He considers himself extremely fortunate to have been able to continue with his chosen vocation in the arts for over thirty-five years. Joe feels that the time taken to convey his impression, is no longer an issue but a marvellous time consuming process of experimentation.

His true love and enthusiasm is for painting.

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Carmichael, Franklin (Group of 7 Prints)

Casson, Albert J. (Group of 7 Prints)

Collett, Andrew  (Photographic Canvas/Paper Prints)

Andrew’s goal is to capture a scene in exactly the circumstances when experience tells him it will be suffused with the most intense emotion. He works hard to grasp a fleeting feeling- one which lives for just a brief moment in a masterstroke of light, colour, shape, perspective… and timing.

Andrew loves his work. He considers it a privilege and a responsibility to bring these celebrations of our land into people’s homes. His hope is that his renderings of this country’s natural beauty may inspire dreams and memories, and a particular kind of hopefulness that he felt while walking the trails and pathways of our natural inheritance- Canada.

Every Andrew Collett Fine image is individually printed using the latest in archival techniques and guaranteed to last a lifetime without fading or changing in colour. Each image has been coated with quality art protectant and is certified to withstand exposure to sunlight and humidity variations within a normal household environment.

Conly, Bill (Original Paintings & Print)

Bill Conly is a London artist who was born and raised in Winnipeg. He attended the University of Manitoba, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1966. He studied Education at the University of Toronto and taught as head of the Art Department of Hammarskjold High School in Thunder Bay. Bill left teaching to open WA Conly and Associates Ltd., a technical publications and industrial design firm in Winnipeg. He later moved to Ottawa where he continued the business specializing in illustration for defence agencies in Ottawa as well as the aerospace industry in Montreal and Toronto. While pursuing the commercial side of art he also maintained his main interest in the Fine Arts. His work has been shown in galleries in Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia. Sculpture from the Wells Gallery show in Ottawa was selected by the Governor General of Canada as one of the state gifts of Canada to the President of Pakistan. He also received the Preier’s Award for Design Excellence in industrial design from the Premier of the Province of Manitoba. The film “Shorelines” produced by film maker Dan Sokolowski of Ottawa with the assistance of the Ontario Arts Council features Bill’s sculpture set against the shores of Lake Superior at Neys Provincial Park. Bill now works from his studio in London where he combines sculpture, painting, technical writing and illustration. Please watch his video here:


Cukrowski, Agnieszki (Original Paintings)


Donati, Susan (Original Paintings)

London artist, Susan Bush Donati, has painted all her life. She grew up in a family of artists where brushes and paints were always available to her. Through painting, she expressed the beauty she saw around her and this consequently became a passion. She cultivated and enhanced this love of art by attending the University of Alberta in Fine Arts, Loyola College (Sculpture), the University of New Brunswick (Arts) and Concordia University (English) in Montreal.

She loved Ontario the minute she moved here eighteen years ago. The beautiful countryside and exciting city streets have been her inspiration to paint landscapes and cityscapes in her favourite medium, oil. Travel in Europe, the Caribbean and Canada has further expanded her scope and artistic vision. Her focus is on depicting the way light hits surfaces and its effects on colour. A quote which captures this idea is one by 16th century poet, James Thomson, who wrote, “He looked and Nature sparkled in his eyes. He caught the truth of Nature and her dyes.” Her aspiration is to share her appreciation of life through her work. She has won numerous awards, is currently a member of the Brush and Palette Group in London, is a past-President of the Mississauga Art Society and Chairperson of the Gallery Committee at Neilson Park Creative Centre. She is currently represented by Leonardo Galleries (Yorkville), Toronto, Rivertown Galleries, London and exhibits her work throughout the country and internationally.


Light in dusk, brownish-red soil, blue-gray skies aglow with pink, the green and orange of vegetation and the kaleidoscope of urban energy – all of it is full of poetry and each one conducts its individual dance of light. As spectators, we stand at a distance from light and revel in the glory of it. But light is really all-encompassing and we should feel we are inside of it and connected to all that falls within its sphere. Land, sky, people – each has a designated ray of light that stitches us all into the fabric of the universe. Visual art should enable us to find our places in the light as we yield and relate to its many dimensions. We acquire a profound sense of belonging – not only to each other, but to history, to the moment and to the possibility of a bright future. To be fully fulfilled, we need to commit to the marriage of light and landscape and people and the earth.

Grieve, David

David’s inspiration comes from walking along pathways through protected natural areas. Recalling the sense of tranquil beauty David says, “The path itself is like a metaphor for life. It is a journey from beginning to end, with ups and downs and twists along the way. The sun shines brightly through the open spaces in the canopy of trees, while in other areas, long dark shadows are cast across the pathway. One this is certain however, the end of the path opens into an expansive field, akin to Heaven, as our journey of life inevitably comes to an end.”

The landscape paintings often focus on one solitary tree standing alone. His technique of cropping sections allow us to focus more carefully on one area. The use of rich, organic, fall colours represent the maturity of the tree in the cycle of life, providing the observer with a strong sense of change, as the landscape ages and decays. The beauty found in aspects of time and changes is the ever present theme underlying David’s paintings.

Surrounded by trees and fields, David lives in Brantford, Ontario with his wife and sons.


Harris, Lawren (Group of 7 Prints)


Hoop, Fiona

Professional Artists in their own right, Mary Kennedy and Michele Woodey began working together in the year 2000. They were commissioned to create site-specific installations combining painting, photography and interior design. The successful partnering led to a deeper exploration of collaborative painting: a concept which has its roots in the early Surrealist artists’ techniques of passing a piece of work back and forth. Each artist contributes an element in turn, until the chemistry is complete. The individual elements must blend seamlessly and harmoniously, as in a musical orchestration. Fiona Hoop is a pseudonym for an ever-evolving duet exploring abstract, collage, encaustic, landscape, figurative and still-life. The work is exhibited and sold in New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver.

Michele Woodey B.A. graduated with honours in Fine Arts from Brighton School of Arts in England 1979.  Michele has held solo exhibits of her work at the prestigious Nexus Gallery in Brighton England, at Erindale College within The University of Toronto, and multiple showings at the Leo Kamen Gallery in Toronto. Selected corporate collections include Xerox Canada, The Art Gallery of Ontario, and the University of Toronto. Her artwork is in private collections spanning cities from London and New York to Barcelona and Toronto.

Mary Kennedy A.O.C.A. graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1989 and received OCAD’s Experimental Arts Award in Painting. Since then she has been the recipient of several Visual Arts Grants from the Ontario Arts Council, as well as from the Sheila Dick Mackay Arts Foundation. Mary’s work may be found in corporate collections at the University of Toronto, Princess Margaret Hospital, Cooper Sandler & West and Sun Life Insurance Canada. International collections reside at KPMG Worldwide, Husky Systems Gmbh, and Voorheis.

Current works are regularly sought after from private collectors in Toronto, Amsterdam and Vancouver.


Jackson, A. Y. (Group of 7 Prints)



Johnson, Phil (Wire Tree Sculpture)


Killaire, Matthew

Matthew Killaire was born in 1985 in Chatham, Ontario.  He was raised in a small town called Stoney Point.

Matthew creates innovative abstract metal sculptures that are perfect stand-alone works of art for sophisticated, dazzling décor to suit any lifestyle.  These beautiful hand-formed sculptures are finished with hand-picked stones from our Great Lakes, a wood base and quartz crystal.  All pieces have names and meaning.  Everything is fastened to the base whether welded or glued and is very sturdy.

From an early age, Matthew resonated with working with his hands and has been able to see beauty in metal where other could not.  As a millwright dealing with fantastic precision, he has absorbed massive amounts of knowledge and has seen what can be done with steel using heat torque and imagination.  He has won awards in high school and college in construction and manufacturing for excellence.  He takes the skills he learned  with his hands to the highest degree and is manifested through his art.

He is always working on new metal projects to push his skills to the max.  Matthew aspires to specialize in art based on the duality of life.  The Ying to every yang.  It is shown in his art already in some pieces where you have one element of a piece will have smooth grazing curves while another element will have complex turn and spins to represent opposition or opposites.

He currently enjoys living in London as a tradesman and an artist.


Kulig, Darlene (Original Paintings)



Leis, Eldon (Original Paintings)



MacDonald, J. E. H. (Group of 7 Prints)


Markov, Peter

Artist Peter Markov was born in Tula, Russia in 1962. From an early age he took a great interest in drawing and painting. He spent some years in a school specializing in fine art and graphic design.

In 1980 he moved to St. Petersburg, Russia and studied at the prestigious V. Muchina Academy of Design. He graduated from this university in 1985 and began his career with various fine art galleries in Russia.

Peters’ work has gained popularity as he continues to paint in his own unique style, known as encaustic. This medium involves manipulating paint with hot refined beeswax. The results are exaggerated textures and a blending of colours that add a translucence and depth that no other artist has mastered.

Peter has had numerous exhibitions worldwide including Russia, Poland, Germany, Sweden, the U.S. and Canada and his work is in both private and corporate collections.

Marshall, Nancy (Enamel Penny Jewellery)


Mernick, Jason (Metal Wall Art)



Morgan, Robert (Soapstone Carvings)



Ogletree, Lucy ( Prints)



Ponteiri, Doris (Mixed Media Paintings)



Robson, Peter (Original Paintings & Signed Prints)

Local artist, deceased.

He was born in London, England but grew up and received his schooling in the seaside town of Margate.  With these formative years in residency on the coast, it is not surprising that his love for water and by extension the countryside, plays such a strong role in his art today.  His talent first showed clearly when, at the age of thirteen he won an art scholarship.  However, he was not allowed to follow up on this opportunity - yet perhaps this circumstance may have worked only to his benefit and increased his desire.  After leaving school and in his late teens his designs were used in mosaic and tile floor designs.  In his twenties, now married and with a growing family, he nevertheless found the time to steadily acquire the all important background for his future life as an artist.  A constant visitor to art galleries and museums, and with the habit of reading upon a wide variety of subjects, he broadened his intellectual perceptions into a solid foundation.  He understood the cultural value of art in our society.
In the mid sixties he and his family immigrated to Canada, and he moved into the more ambitious field of carpet and floor covering design.

Throughout his busy life, whenever an opportunity came he worked at sketching, drawing and learning the art of composition and colour.  He has assiduously studied the works of old masters and great modern art.  Out of these elements has grown a long and abiding respect for nature and view of landscape given only to a few; and a deep and unstilted admiration for the art of the past, accompanied by and intellectual appreciation that comes from an unprejudiced enjoyment of culture.


Romance, Trisha (Signed Prints)


Simpson, Catherine (Signed  Prints)

Catherine Simpson is emerging as a storyteller  with children in the lead roles. Her predominant medium is watercolour as well as silverpoint and pencil drawings. In appreciation for life’s lighter side is easily ascertained when viewing her children studies.It is with true feeling that Catherine portrays the simple message of the children that are depicted in each composition.

Catherine was born in London, Ontario, Canada,  where she produces her “Forever Young” series of paintings. Her work enjoys a universal appeal, is appreciated by young and old alike and can be found in both corporate and private collections in Canada, the United States and internationally.

Participation in numerous gallery exhibitions and major juried art festivals has created a demand for her work resulting in a selection of limited edition prints, decorator prints and collector plates, figurines and the award winning Pine Ridge Art Catherine Simpson Forever Young Calendar.

Catherine is a self-taught artist whose artistic gift has been acknowledged during her career with Best in Show, Peoples Choice, and the Canadian Collectable of the Year nominations six times – and awarded twice.

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Smith, Wayne (Wood Artisan)




Blue Pendulum jewelry pieces are handmade from watch pieces.  
These jewelries are one-of-a-kind and all are different from one another to make each piece unique.
By buying this jewelry you are owning an original creation and a piece of art that is as unique as you are.
Designed by local designer Thari.

Thomson, Tom (Group of 7 Prints)



Toft, Samantha (Prints)


Vanche, Ivan

Born in 1951 in Sofia, Bulgario, Vanche grew up to deveop a keen interest in fine art drawings and paintings. Following his graduation from Art College, Vanche devoted himself to capturing nature’s beauty – the form, the movement, the light – and this is reflected in the paintings he creates. At present, Vanche loves to create paintings using mixed media and texture which allows him to capture the richness and character of every subject portrayed in his work.


Varley, Frederick (Group of 7 Prints)


Veenstra, Julia (Original Paintings)

Julia Veenstra is a Canadian artist who has lived in four different countries. Her work is found in collections around the world. She is an impressionistic representational, lively artist. Her work reflects her surroundings and translates how she sees the world. Julia’s medium of choice is acrylic as she enjoys the immediacy and the bright colours.

Recently her work has made a very “Canadian” turn. Canadians clients are appreciating her present body of work as evidenced by the increasing commissions that Julia is receiving.

Check out her website here